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Outdoor Leadership & Adventure Course: May - June 2011
Rupin-Supin Traverse: Rupin and Supin valleys are located in western Garhwal and fall within the boundaries of Govind National Park. The Rupin- Supin Traverse is one of the most stunning hikes for first time trekkers in the region, offering short walking stages and pretty camp sites. As you reach Vijay Top, you get to see the beautiful Himalayan peak of Swargarohini.

Program Dates: 16th May - 25th May & 23rd May - 1st June
Duration: 9 nights and 10 days
Eligibility: 13 - 17 years or classes 8 - 12
Course Fee: Rs.25,000 including tax

Program Partners:
This program is being organized by Juniper Outdoor Pursuits Centre in association with Woodstock School’s Hanifl Centre of Outdoor Education and WWF- India.

Discover the adventurer in you and enjoy this summer holiday in the outdoors. Wake up each morning and experience the fresh mountain air as you move from one camp to another. Learn to pitch a tent, climb a rock or cross a river...and lots more. The objective of this tenday course is to provide an opportunity for participants to learn outdoor leadership skills. And do a memorable Rupin-Supin Traverse including the Climb to Vijay Top at 12,200 feet.

Highlights of the Course:
Rupin-Supin TraverseBasic Camping and Survival SkillsWilderness First Aid River Crossing Village InteractionEnvironmental Understanding

Program Information: The trek selected has a well marked trail and has safe campsites. Course instruction will be conducted by certified and trained instructors. Equipment used in the course complies with international safety standards. Each group moves with an elaborate firstaid kit and instructors who are proficient in wilderness first aid. Each group is also accompanied by a doctor from Max Healthcare.
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